3 ingredient vegan porridge

3 ingredients vegan porridge

Want more nutrition at breakfast but don’t have the time in the mornings?

Try this easy 3 ingredient vegan porridge packed full of protein and fibre! Prep the night before and you are all set. You need:

1/2 cup nut milk (I used almond)
1 very ripe banana
2 tablespoons chia seeds

Blend ingredients. Refrigerate overnight and enjoy the following morning.


The “de-volution” of man

I love this picture. Looking at it I can’t help but reflect on what our ancestors ate. Their diets were free from all the additives and preservatives, basically very far away from everything processed!

Isn’t it amusing how “organic” choices are making a comeback. It is also strange that food 2 or 3 generations ago was all organic and since that time we have been lulled, dulled and gulled into imbibing CRAP – Cheap Repugnant Addictive Provisions- And now the ordinary food of yore has become expensive and unaffordable.

The Pied pipers of the food industry have been leading those gullible enough towards the Mountain of Obesity. Bad food choices are like the pied piper of Hamelin, leading only those who choose it, up towards the mountain of obesity.

We need to be more aware of what we ingest after all – we are what we eat…. so read your food labels! Or better still don’t eat foods that come in a box…and then hopefully we can pipe another tune that is healthier and happier.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

It’s wouldn’t be Christmas without these delicious mince pies on the table! The way you make them does impact the “fat” content.

Since a majority of the “bad” saturated fat comes from the traditional thick pie pastry, just use a thinner pastry and add more dried fruit mix. YUM!! This way you’re getting a lower saturated fat content and the added fruit bumps up the fibre and potassium.

Sound good!! Enjoy 🙂

Iron packed DATE paste!

Easy peasy date paste!

Dates are one of the best foods for iron. If you are constantly tired and feel sluggish, try adding dates to your diet. Get your nutrients from REAL food!

I always make date jam (more like date paste) and add this to my porridge every morning. Date jam is so versatile and can be spread on toast, folded into any baking recipe or blended in with your smoothies. Here’s how you make the stuff:

1) Soak 10 dates in luke warm water overnight.
2) Drain the dates and remove all pips.
3) Place in food processor or blender and add warm water (the amount depends on how thick you want the consistency to be).
4) Whizz and place in glass container. Refrigerate.




So recently I visited Houston and had to take a trip to the NASA Johnson Space centre!! Being the adventurous foodie, I eagerly wanted to find out what the astronauts ate while they floated in space….well turns out they:

– Eat 3 meals a day. There is no freezer or fridge for food storage so most of the food must be freeze dried or thermo-stabilised so it can be stored at room temperature.

– Salt and pepper are dissolved in liquid so that they are not floating around in the cabin, crumbly foods are not permitted for the same reason!

-There is no oven or food warmer, the kitchen has a small water dispenser that re-hydrates the freeze dried food. Fresh fruit and vegetables are a rare treat for the astronauts as they need to be eaten quickly.

So all in all not a lot of variety, or fibre. In space they lose muscle mass and bone density so astronauts need to exercise thrice daily and take high strength calcium supplements to prevent muscle and bone wasting!!