Aloha from Oahu!!

I am off to PARADISE for 2 weeks!!!
Will keep you posted as I journey through an amazing tropical food adventure. On the list of things to try – Hawaiian Poi, Saimin, Malasadas, Ahi poke, Hawaiian shave ice, Huli huli chicken, and all that gorgeous fruit!! Mangoes, guavas (my personal fav), coconuts and pineapples (need I say more).

*Watch this space* #Hawaii #foodie #Oahu #Waikikibeachtouraloha


Deep in the heart of Texas

Deep in the heart of Texas

In a few weeks Woke Up Hungry will be off to the State Fair of Texas in Fair Park Dallas!!

Excitement & curiosity led to some browsing and I discovered that there will be numerous (deep fried) foods on the menu, some of which include:

Deep fried latte
Turkey legs
Chicken fried bacon
Deep fried beer
Deep fried bubblegum
Deep fried pecan pie
Deep fried thanksgiving dinner

I will be posting my foodie findings so stay tune x
yeee haaa!!!!

Have my cake and eat it too…

ImageI’m Christine and welcome to my blog – Woke Up Hungry. My goal is to enhance your hunger for nutrition knowledge!!

My nomadic childhood has greatly influenced my love for food. I studied nutrition and dietetics and I want to use my love for food and nutrition knowledge to help answer all your nutrition questions.

I’m a dietitian on a mission. My goal is to get people to try new foods and recipes and to just increase awareness of what’s out there and how easy it can be to nourish yourself with the wonderful nutrients found in fresh whole food.

I would like you to be happy and healthy and hope you enjoy my blog.

There is plenty of nutrition stuff to come. Many of you have asked me for recipes, nutrition advice and food values for a whole range of things …I hope to answer all soon! Questions are welcome!!